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Prototype Graphic Framework

Prototype Graphic Framework

This open-source framework is developed for my new project NeoMeeting. I have already done a lot of work but sometimes quick-and-dirty. I will add them soon and frequently in this framework to have a great open-source project. The main features are: * OO Framework of course! * Pluggable renderer. I am working mainly on SVG, VML (only for IE support of course!). I try to create a canvas renderer, even if it's not my main goal to support canvas, just to validate it's doable. I like canvas but there are some * Tools to interact with graphic (like a move tool) * And more (I am sure, but I will found out later :)) As it's still under heavy development, I will post a ticket on my blog on every main commit.
Prototype Graphic Framework
S├ębastien Gruhier
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canvas, svg, vml
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