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ProColor is a powerful, easy-to-use color-picker: It lets end-users choose RGB colors, and it records the chosen color either in its Javascript object or in an input field (or both). They can choose them by sliding the slider, moving around the color wheel, picking a color from a palette of "web-safe" colors, or typing in absolute values. It's smooth and fast, even on Internet Explorer, and "feels" like a built-in popup box in most web browsers (with Safari being the notable exception, since it's styled to look very Windowsy). It's implemented as a single Javascript source file with some associated images, and the Javascript source file is available in compressed form. It works properly on most modern browsers from IE6 upward, and has been tested on IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. It is accessibility-friendly, too, since it responds to keyboard events, has its internal controls able to take the focus, and can readily fall back to just a simple text field if necessary. It's easy to insert into your sites, too, since it can be implemented with almost no Javascript coding (and can even be implemented with no Javascript coding on your part in many cases).
Phantom Inker
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