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jPlex User Interface

jPlex User Interface

jPlex is a javascript library that provides a set of usual user-interface components and some functions to help the everyday's life of a web-developer. It focuses on components that you can find on every web-application. jPlex clashes around 3 keywords :
  • Simple: Invoke complex components in one line like new Calendar('arrival-cal', {source: 'arrival'});
  • Compatible: Each feature has been tested on ie6.0+, firefox 2.0, safari Win/Mac 3.0+, chrome , opera 9+
  • Customizable: Adapt the components to your design just by overriding the css rules
jPlex User Interface
Loic Petit - Jean-Luc Dagon
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MIT Licence
ajax, builder, date & time, datepicker, domready, dragdrop, form, menu, modal, scriptaculous, shadow, table, tabs, tooltip, window
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